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Tuition, Hours & FAQ

2023/24 PreK Start Dates: 

Orientation: Wednesday, September 6th @ 9:00 am

First Day: Thursday, September 7th (except M,W,F students who will start on Friday,  September 8th)


What Are The Pre-Kindergarten School Hours?

Arrival/Start Time: 8:45 am
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri @1:50 pm
Wed @ 12:20 pm
* Early release days will be a 10:45 am dismissal
Schedule includes Lunch Bunch.
Classes follow the HWRSD Elementary Calendar. 
Please note:  School Hours are subject to change.


Do You Provide Extended Day Hours?

At the present time, we don’t provide extended day (before or after school) services.

What Is The Tuition For The School Year?

2 days (T/TH): $2,700
3 days (M/W/F): $4,050
5 days (M/T/W/TH/F): $6,750

Please note:  Tuition is subject to change


How Are Tuition Payments Made?

The annual tuition (minus the $500 deposit) will consist of four additional payments. All payments are made to the Hamilton-Wenham Business Office: 5 School Street, Wenham, MA 01984.  The current payment schedule is June 1st, October 1st, and February 1st. 

What Is An Integrated Preschool Program?

An integrated preschool classroom is comprised of both children who are developing within age expectations and children who have identified special need. ​

How Does An Integrated Program Benefit Peers?

Studies show that inclusion is beneficial for ALL students - not just for those who receive special education services.  In fact, research clearly shows that integrated classrooms have positive short-term and long-term benefits for Peers.  Peers are more patient and comfortable with differences.  They also have increased positive self-esteem and diverse, caring relationships.  Here's why:
1.  An Integrated Model Tailors Teaching To Each Learner
All students learn differently. In an integrated classroom, teachers weave individualized instruction and support that can help ALL students make progress.  Another key is the low teacher-to-student ratio, allowing for more one-on-one instruction.
2. An Integrated Model Makes Differences Less “Different”
Integrated classrooms are filled with diverse learners, each of whom has strengths and challenges. Inclusion gives kids a way to talk about how everyone learns in their own way, boosting empathy and self-esteem. 
3. An Integrated Model Provides Support to All Students
 An integrated classroom often brings specialists into the classroom.  These professionals can provide information and suggestions to help all students. 

How Are Peers Selected?

Peers are selected through a screening process. Priority is given to returning students and those families interested in a 5 day per week program. We do not give priority to siblings of current/past students. We consider the overall gender, age and developmental needs of our students as we aim for balanced classrooms. 

How Many Students Are In Each Classroom?

Seven spaces in each classroom are reserved for children with identified special needs. Eight spaces in each classroom are reserved for Peers. ​

What Are The Residence And Age Requirements To Enroll?

To be eligible you must reside in Hamilton or Wenham and your child must turn 3 or 4 by Sept. 1st.  If your child turns 5 years old by Sept. 1st, they are eligible for Kindergarten and therefore not eligible for the Integrated PreK.

What Is The Anticipated Pre-Kindergarten First Day Of School?

The first day of the 2023-24 PreKindergarten will be September 7, 2023 (except M,W,F students who will start on Friday, Sept., 8th.  PLEASE NOTE: Families who are new to the District and were offered a PreK spot must submit their child’s registration packet before he/she may start school. Please visit the District website to complete all components of the official district registration packet by September 1, 2023. Families who are currently attend do NOT need to register again.  

When Is Orientation?

2023-24 Classroom Orientation will take place on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. This is a time for your child to find their cubby, see the room, and play a little before the big first day!  Your classroom teacher will reach out to provide you with an orientation time and additional information.

Do You Provide Transportation?

Transportation may be provided for children on Individual Education Programs. Peer families are expected  to provide transportation to and from school daily.

What Are The Drop Off/ Pick Up Procedures?

We use a “stop, drop, and roll” procedure at the front of Winthrop, for both drop off and pick up. A staff member will meet the child at the car and bring the child to their line. Parents will promptly return to their car and depart. Please arrive no earlier than 8:40, after school buses have left. PreK students arriving late will be escorted to the classroom by a staff member. Teachers will review these procedures at orientation.

Do You Have A Summer Program?

At this time, the only summer program is for children on Individual Education Programs.

Are There Volunteer Opportunities for Parents?

Parents are partners in their child's education. There are opportunities to volunteer in the classroom and behind the scenes. Preschool families are included in the Friends of Winthrop parent advisory group and many of the school-wide programs for families that occur throughout the year such as Curriculum Night in the fall and Open House in the spring.

Can PreK Students Purchase Lunch?

School meals are available free of charge for all children through June 2023!  For more information, please go to HWRSD Nutritional Services at ​

Does Attending The Integrated PreK At The Winthrop Elementary School Mean That My Child Will Go To Kindergarten At The Winthrop Elementary School?

Not necessarily.  Children who attend the Integrated PreK are put into the "Kindergarten Placement Pool" with all registered Kindergarten-eligible children in the District.  Therefore, children who attend the Integrated PreK can be assigned to any of the three District Elementary Schools for Kindergarten.

How Can I Help Prepare My Child For School?

Early Childhood Partners CFCE is a grant program awarded to the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.  Through this program, we are able offer FREE educational opportunities and support for families and children aged 0-8.  Click here for the Early Childhood Partners Website.

Getting ready for the first day of school can fill children (and grown-ups!) with both excitement and nervousness. And this year, it might be the first time in awhile (or ever!) that your child has stepped foot in a classroom. Read on for tips and activities to prepare before that first day HERE

Social Stories can help ALL children understand what is going on around them.  Information about new routines will help reduce anxiety and fear.  This will lead to a smoother transition into a new routine.  The website Autism Little Learners: Resources and Ideas for Families and Educators has some great Social Stories to help prepare your children.  Please click HERE for the link.

Another social story resource is from the Mass AIMH, DMH, MSPCC, and the Partnership for Early Childhood Mental Health.  This template can be downloaded and edited for use by providers and families to help children prepare for the changes so they can feel more in control as they reenter school. Click here to download the Social Story template.

Here are some additional articles that offer ideas to help with your transition to PreK.  
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Need more?  Just ask - we're happy to help! :)