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HW Integrated Preschool

The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District Integrated Preschool Program is dedicated to helping young children, with and without disabilities, learn together in an inclusive and developmentally appropriate environment. The Integrated Preschool Program was developed to serve children between three and five years of age who require specially designed instruction due to a disability as diagnosed by special education evaluations. Typically developing children (aka Peers) are also enrolled in the Integrated Preschool Program to ensure strong and appropriate peer modeling. There is a tuition fee for children without special needs.
The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District Integrated Preschool is designed to promote the physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and language development of children. Our program provides evidence-based programming aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core Standards to prepare children for kindergarten.  Students are encouraged to learn through play, as they touch, manipulate, and experiment with materials, explore and observe the environment, and interact with adults and one another. We celebrate difference, diversity, and determination.  
The Integrated Preschool Team is a dedicated group of certified special education teachers, para-educators, and licensed therapists who provide an exceptional preschool experience for all children. The teachers are highly skilled at serving as guides and facilitators. Our team is committed to nurturing the development of each and every child so that they may succeed to the best of their ability.
photo of the director of nutritional services reading a book in the preschool classroom
two students working on a puzzle on the floor
pic of prek door with a fox painting
photo of prek door with a train painted on it
photo of young student focusing on a puzzle
photo pf young student playing with Playdough
photo of kitchen play area in the prek classroom
photo of a diorama with a bear inside
photo of book rack

More Information

From the Principal, Carolyn Shediac:  

The Winthrop School supports and enhances a student-centered environment where each student can and will learn to be a productive citizen. We envision a school community where all members - students, staff, and parents are continual learners. A student-centered environment means that the focus is on the student's experience in the school community. The student actively participates and engages in a variety of learning experiences. The school community supports the student as he/she explores, studies, experiments, discusses, debates, and wrestles with new ideas and concepts. All members of the school community accept, believe in, and work together to fulfill the vision.  We hope that this website will contribute to our goal of communicating and sharing early and often with parents, friends, and community members. 
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