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Some colleges require an interview, though many do not. If the college requires or recommends one, schedule it during your campus visit. 

As with any interview, be on time. If you know you'll be delayed, call ahead. Also, review the information and notes you have on the college and prepare a list of questions ahead of time. Take the list along, so you're sure to cover everything you want to find out. 

In your interview, you'll probably be asked about your background, interests, hobbies, goals, and why you're applying to the college. It's natural to be a little nervous. Try to relax and enjoy the experience.

The following suggestions may help to make your interview as positive as possible:

  • Be prepared to answer questions and ASK questions. 
  • Plan a conference with your guidance counselor before your interview.
  • Pay particular attention to your appearance, grooming, and conduct.
  • Arrive on time. 
  • KNOW YOUR COLLEGE. Your knowledge of the college is an indication of your interest. Read the catalog of the college carefully.
  • Be as natural as possible. 
  • Be honest, sincere and interested.
  • Be confident. Speak directly and distinctly. Make eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your personal goals, high school & community, career plans, leisure time pursuits, reading habits, issues that concern you, academic preparation and achievement, people or events that have influenced your life, family background, and reasons for selecting the college.
  • In your interview, bring out what you as an individual can bring to the college.
  • Send a Thank You note to the interviewer to show your appreciation of the time spent with you.



1. What is distinctive about the college?


2. Will I have easy access to computers? Where are terminals located?  Will I have to pay extra for computer time?


3. Will I have access to special equipment (such as an electron microscope) as a freshman?


4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the college's advising system?


5. What kinds of campus jobs can I get if I qualify for work-study?


6. Are there new programs or facilities that will be available in the next couple of years?


7. What are the college's recent graduates doing now?


8. How does my profile compare to the typical applicant pool?



1.   How did you first hear about the college?

2.   What are both your long-term and short-term career goals?

3.   How did you become interested in majoring in the field of study that you have chosen?

4.   What kind of activities are you involved with outside of school?

5.   What accomplishments have you achieved or what activities have you participated in that have had an effect on you?

6.   What do you feel are your academic strengths and weaknesses? 

7.   What are your priorities in selecting a school? 

8.   If you could live your high school years over again, what changes, if any, would you make?-

9.   Where do you see yourself in four years?

10. Discuss your most stimulating intellectual experience.-

11. Name the last four books you have read. What magazines do you enjoy?

12. What is the most significant contribution that you have made to your school?

13. What fears, if any, do you have about attending college?

14. What do you most look forward to about college?

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