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Required Documents

Student Documents:

❏ Child’s Original Birth Certificate or Passport (we will make a copy)

❏ Most recent Physical examination (within one year)

❏ Immunization Record (see website for Immunization Requirements)

❏ Evidence of Lead Paint Screening

Evidence of Residency (must provide most recent copy of ONE of the following):

❏ Mortgage Statement

❏ Lease or Rental Agreement

❏ Section 8 Agreement

❏ Property Tax Bill

Evidence of Occupancy (must provide most recent copy of ONE of the following):

❏ Excise Tax Bill

❏ Pay Stub

❏ Utility bill (electric, water; not cell phone or cable)

Evidence of Identity of Parent/Guardian (must provide ONE of the following valid government-issued photo identifications):

❏ Driver’s License

❏ Passport

❏ Government-issued photo ID

RECOMMENDED (including these with registration packet will help to expedite your child’s enrollment)

❏ Transcript or current report card

❏ Discipline records

❏ MCAS Scores

❏ IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)