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Emergency Cancellation, Delay, and Early Dismissal Procedures

During the fall and winter months, we may experience severe weather conditions that impact our ability to maintain regular school hours. When necessary, for reasons of safety, a delay, early release, or cancellation of school may be decided.  

The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for the decision to either cancel, delay, or dismiss early when inclement weather conditions arise. Unscheduled early dismissal will only occur in extreme situations and with ample communication with all Hamilton-Wenham families.  

Parents and/or guardians also have the responsibility of making a decision as to whether their child should go to school. If your child is not attending school and school is in session, parents and/or guardians must notify the school of this decision. As partners, the overriding concern at all times is the safety of our children.

In all severe weather conditions, the progress of the event is monitored by the Superintendent with input from the local news sources, both Hamilton and Wenham’s Department of Public Works, the Fire and Police Departments, our transportation providers, and the school department's Director of Maintenance, Facilities, and Operations.

A delay or cancellation is decided as early in the morning as possible, usually between 4:00 and 5:00 a.m.  All parents and/or guardians will receive a Blackboard Connect telephone message stating the decision for a delay, cancellation, or early release.  In addition, this decision will appear on Twitter (@hw_schools), television stations (WBZ, WCVB, WHDH), and our district website.