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transfer Buses

How does the transfer bus system work?

Your student will still ride the same bus number to and from your home, BUT now they will transfer to a different bus at one of the elementary schools to reach their home school. 

i.e.  Your student rides Bus #1 but this bus does not travel to Buker School. They will go to Winthrop School and transfer to Bus #9 to get to Buker School. The same process will happen in reverse for the afternoon.

How do the staff and drivers know what bus a student should be on?

The dismissal team at each elementary school has detailed lists of transfer bus students and their route numbers.  Kindergarten students will have a bag tag with their name and bus numbers.

WHY do we need the transfer buses?

Because we have 3 elementary schools in our district and students attend these schools from all areas of HW, not all of the buses have time to travel to all schools. 

Who do I contact with a problem or questions?

Please contact your school secretary who can answer all of your questions about the transfer buses.