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Information Technology

The District's Information Technology Department provides maintenance, technical assistance, and business continuity services to support the District's integration of technology in teaching, learning, and business operations. To accomplish this, the IT Department consistently invests in proven technologies that offer stable, resilient, cost-effective services and equipment that we leverage into a curated set of flexible tools to meet the changing academic landscape, our business operation goals, and cybersecurity threats.

Department Staff

Information Technology Director
Alan Taupier
Systems and Software Manager
Donna Willwerth
  Network-Systems Administrator
Thomas Sacco

Data Management Specialist
Kathy Kerrigan


IT Technician
Glenn Dagley


IT Implementation Technician
Eliot Duff




Student and Teacher in classroom


Students will effectively articulate thoughts, ideas, and feelings using oral, written, and non-verbal skills for a range of purposes and audiences. They will actively listen to others to understand meaning, values, attitudes, and intentions.