Posted 02/05/2021 01:17PM

Students state their case in DECA conference 

The DECA Massachusetts district career development conferences were held virtually this year, which proved to be no problem for HWRHS students. Of the 115 high school students who participated in the competition, 82 qualified for the State Career Development Conference. 

More than 800 students from 13 area high schools participated in the business competition in more than 50 categories of marketing, hospitality, finance and entrepreneurship. 

Students who placed in the top seven in their category were recognized during a virtual awards ceremony and qualify for the state conference. The award ceremony can be viewed here: Mass DECA District 3 Awards

Team and series competitors took a 100-question test and recorded a role-play presentation, in which the student is asked to solve a problem and present their solution to a competition judge. Students conducted research, prepared a paper, and recorded a presentation reviewing their project. This year, all presentations were uploaded to a digital platform where judges could view, score and provide feedback for students to improve their skills before the DECA State Career Development Conference, which will be held virtually in February and March.

DECA has impacted the lives of more than ten million students, educators, school administrators and business professionals since it was founded in 1946. There are 225,000 DECA members and 3,700 high school chapters. 

HWRHS students qualifying for State DECA Conference

Place Name (Grade) Category
3 Nola Ciavola (12) Accounting Applications Series (ACT)
4 Ryan Traverse (10) Automotive Services Marketing (ASM)
7 William Moroney (12) Automotive Services Marketing (ASM)
Place Name (Grade) Category
7 Caleb Leonard (10) Business Finance Series (BFS)
5 Sadie Condon and Ava Cote (11) Business Law & Ethics Team (BLTDM)
3 Peter Goeben and Jay Maher (12) Buying & Merchandising Operations Research (BMOR): Kelly Automotive Group
4 Meryn DeSimone, Nora Gamber
and Ava Stinson (11)
Business Services Operations Research (BOR): Gamber Dentistry
1 Kaitlyn Menegoni (10) Business Services Marketing (BSM)
2 Jessica Cooper (11) Business Services Marketing (BSM)
3 Alexandra Chan and Lilly Glass (10) Buying & Merchandising Team (BTDM)
4 Hannah Ciriello and Julia Tsappis (9) Buying & Merchandising Team (BTDM)
6 Morgan Glovsky and Andrew Stewart (10) Buying & Merchandising Team (BTDM)
1 Eliza Bassom (10) Entrepreneurship Series (ENT)
3 Eve Gujral (11) Food Marketing Series (FMS)
2 Ethan Howell and Collin Tiberii (12) Financial Services Team (FTDM)
7 Mathilde Gordon (11) Hotel & Lodging Management (HLM)
1 Sophie Strozier (11) Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
2 Meena Gourley (10) Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
5 Abigail Simon (10) Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
6 Laynee Wilkins (10) Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
7 Samantha Bucci (12) Human Resources Management Series (HRM)
4 Sydney Amero and Chloe Gern (10) Hospitality Services Team (HTDM) 
7 Paloma Lee and Ezrina Seo (12) Hospitality Services Team (HTDM) 
3 Emma Day (12) and James Day (10) Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research (HTOR): Panera
1 Lily Waterman (12) Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling (HTPS)
5 Ariel Greenberg (11) International Business Plan (IBP): Essex Soap Refill
2 Olivia Soolman (10) Integrated Marketing Campaign–Product (IMCP): Clutch Towels
2 Hope Jensen (12) Marketing Communications Series (MCS)
7 Eli Labell (11) Marketing Communications Series (MCS)
6 Olivia Currier and Rosie Safford (12) Marketing Management Team (MTDM)
1 Nina Finn (9) Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)
2 Ellis Denby (10) Personal Financial Literacy (PFL)
7 Allie Tripp (10) Principles of Finance (PFN)
6 Ella Schenker (10) Principles of Hospitality & Tourism (PHT)
4 Ella Tran (9) Principles of Marketing (PMK)
Place Name (Grade) Category
1 Damian Sorrenti (11) Professional Selling Event (PSE)
6 Ava Vautour (9) Professional Selling Event (PSE)
1 Alison Campbell (11) Quick Service Restaurant Management (QSRM)
2 Sydni Smaller (11) Quick Service Restaurant Management (QSRM)
3 Angelina Meimeteas (9) Quick Service Restaurant Management (QSRM)
2 Sophie Bassom (10) Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
6 Claire Nistl (11) Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
7 Eloise Ciaramitaro (10) Restaurant & Food Service Management (RFSM)
5 Riley Clarke (11) Retail Merchandising Series (RMS)
7 Ava Finn (10) Retail Merchandising Series (RMS)
4 Peter Gourdeau (11) Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series (SEM)
5 Phoebe Ting (10) Sports & Entertainment Marketing Series (SEM)
2 Charles Clapp, Owen Leonard
and Jack Mulvihill (12)
Sports & Entertainment Operations Research (SEOR): AMC Theaters
1 Electra Hamilton and Mackenzie Walles (12) Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team (STDM)
2 Madison Santo and Abigail Sturim (12) Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team (STDM)
7 Haley Hamilton and Kara O’Shea (11) Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team (STDM)
4 Stewart Bernard and Madeline Minich (9) Travel & Tourism Team (TTDM)