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2015-2016 District Improvement Plan

HWRSD Improvement Priorities for 2015-216

  1. Develop PK-12 curriculum documents that clearly define for all stakeholders what students will need to know and be able to do in order to be successful in the HWRSD.
    1. Develop a set of PK-12 Transfer Goals for each academic discipline according to the Schooling by Design Model. (Task 1)
    2. Develop a set of PK-12 Overarching Understandings and Overarching Essential Questions for each curricular area. (Task 2)
    3. Use developed PK-12 Transfer Goals, Overarching Understandings, and Essential Questions to develop cross-curricular PK-12 Transfer Goals and Overarching Understandings and Essential Questions. (Task 3)
    4. Develop “cornerstone tasks” for each grade level that are mapped to measure student progress towards achieving the Transfer Goals and Essential Questions. (For SY2016-2017)
  2. Implement a schedule at Miles River Middle School that utilizes time to support the needs of all middle school-aged learners and at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School that maximizes opportunities for teachers to collaborate to improve curriculum instruction and assessment.
  3. Organize to develop a road map for educational program development in the HWRSD based on the options presented in the HWRSD in the Master Plan Document and further refined through the development of Long Term Transfer Goals.
  4. Develop a 5 Year Capital Plan to address the HRWSD’s current facilities needs and to provide facilities that best support our future model.