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KF-R Community Use of School Facilities

File: KF-R

The use of school buildings, grounds, equipment, and facilities will be authorized by the Superintendent in conformity with the following regulations, which have been approved by the School Committee. 
  1. Requests for the use of school facilities will be made at the office of the Superintendent at least14 days prior to the date of use
  2. School facilities may not be used for individual, private, or commercial purposes.
  3. Requests for school facilities must be cleared with the building Principal or the Superintendent or both, should the nature of the request so justify.
  4. School-related groups will be permitted reasonable use of school facilities without charge.
  5. All activities must be under competent adult supervision approved by the Superintendent and the Principal of the building involved. In all cases, an assigned school employee will be present. The group using the facilities will be responsible for any damage to the building or equipment.
  6. Groups receiving permission are restricted to the dates and hours approved and to the building area and facilities specified, unless requested changes are approved by the Superintendent.
  7. Groups receiving permission are responsible at all times for the observance of fire and safety requirements.
  8. The use of alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted on school grounds
  9. Proper liability insurance will be required of all groups given permission to use school facilities.
  10. The Committee will approve and periodically review a fee schedule for the use of  school facilities.
  11. In situations where there is no cost factor to the school district, or in situations where a mutual exchange of facilities is possible between the school district and the organization, rates may be modified or eliminated by the Superintendent. In situations where extended usage for a long period of time is required, rates may be set at a contract price.
  12. The School Committee reserves the right to cancel any permission granted.
Adopted: 1/5/2023