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KA School/Community Relations Goals

File: KA

The School Committee believes that the District is an integral part of the community and that community support is necessary for the District's operation and achievement of excellence. The School Committee and District staff members recognize that community support is based on a mutual exchange, a dynamic process in which the District contributes to the community's success and, in turn, benefits from the community's resources. 
In order to maintain productive relationships with the community, the District is committed to sustaining: 
  • Effective, accurate, and meaningful communications that facilitate dialogue, encourage involvement in District programs, and create community advocacy for its public schools.
  • Volunteer programs that provide mutually enriching experiences for our students, staff, and community volunteers.
  • Recognition programs that publicly honor the contributions of our students, employees, and community partners and express pride in our individual and collective accomplishments.
  • Community service efforts which enable the District's staff and students to express their commitment to the community.
Adopted: 1/5/2023