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JJE Student Fund-Raising Activities

File: JJE

While the School Committee recognizes that fundraising, activities have become a part of the school environment at all levels, the Committee wishes to ensure that students are not exploited by the process. The Committee further recognizes that families have different resources; those differences should, as much as possible, not be highlighted by school activities, including fundraising. 
The Committee supports student involvement in the sale of tickets to scheduled athletic events, school dramatic and musical performances, and other school events where sales are required. Also, student publications which require the sale of advertising to sustain themselves and serve the student body and/or the community may involve students in such sales. 
Charitable fundraising activities, especially those that are part of a community service event or program are encouraged provided such proposals are submitted to and approved by the building principal with written notice to the superintendent. 
Other fundraising activities that wish to involve students in the fundraising process shall be submitted to the building principal for approval with written notice to the superintendent. 
Any monies paid to the school or to a student activity as commissions or revenue sharing belong to the students and shall be deposited into the student activity agency account.   
No money collections from student fundraising of any kind may be held in the schools without the specific written consent of the principal.  Processing of receipts from fund-raising activities must be in accordance with the approved procedure for student activity receipts. 

  • JP Student Gifts and Solicitations 
  • KHA Public Solicitations in the Schools 
Adopted: 12/1/2022

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