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JFAA Admission of Resident Students

File: JFAA

Students whose parents or legal guardians are considered legal residents of Hamilton or Wenham shall be eligible to attend the schools on a full-time basis in the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District. 
When a student registers for school, or at any other time upon request of the Superintendent, parents or legal guardians must furnish a Certification of Address (form attached) and appropriate evidence of residency in either Hamilton or Wenham. This evidence may include the following: 
  1. An executed lease or rental agreement stating the beginning date of residency and duration of the lease/rental agreement and proof that the student will be residing in the community.
  2. An executed Purchase and Sales Agreement stating the closing date and proof that the studentwill be residing in the community.
  3. A property tax and utility bill.
  4. A driver’s license.
  5. A voter’s registration card.
  6. Proof of guardianship, if appropriate.
The school district reserves the right to require additional documentation where, in the judgment of the Superintendent, a student’s actual residence has not been established. 
Adopted: 12/1/2022


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