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IJNDC Publicly Available Internet Postings

File: IJNDC 

Internet postings are for the sole purpose of furthering the district´s educational mission. The HWRSD School Committee recognizes that sharing information empowers educational environments by connecting teachers, students, parents and community members around the world. Promoting a culture of shared information proliferates collaboration and sparks creativity which, in the end, globally advances educational environments. 

Web postings must be regularly maintained, free of advertisements, be free from discrimination, biases, religious affiliations, commercial or political affiliations. Content should adhere to copyright laws. Care should be taken to ensure privacy laws are followed including The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Personal identifiable information (PII) in general should not be posted to protect the privacy and safety of students. Parents and students have the right to restrict posting of student-related items including images of their child and student work. The main office of any school will track any such restrictions. 

Staff pages should have contact information including staff member´s name, school name, school address, teacher´s work email address, and teacher´s school phone number. Universal design and access should be promoted by providing information about available assistive technology or other appropriate resources. Regularly updated guidelines are posted in the technology section on the district´s website to inform and help teachers, staff and students understand how to use the public web appropriately. 
Adopted: 1/5/2023