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IHBF Homebound/Remote Instruction

File: IHBF 

The Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District may furnish homebound/ remote instruction to those students who are confined to home or hospital for not less than 14 days in a school year due to a physical injury, medical situation, or a severe emotional problem. The instruction is designed to provide maintenance in the basic academic courses so that when a student returns to school they will not be at a disadvantage because of the illness or the hospitalization. 
To qualify for the program, the student needs a written statement from a medical doctor requesting the homebound instruction, stating the reasons why, and estimating the time the student will be out of school. This statement needs to be sent to the Director of Student Services. 
Homebound instruction is offered in basic elementary subjects and in secondary subjects which do not require laboratories and special equipment, subject in all cases to the availability of qualified teachers. Certified teachers shall be assigned to homebound instruction by the Superintendent or designee. 
Adopted: 1/5/2023