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GCJ Professional Teacher Status

File: GCJ 

Teachers and certain other professional employees who have served in the District for three consecutive years shall be entitled to professional teacher status. Upon recommendation of the Principal, the Superintendent, may award such status to a teacher who has served in the Principal's school for no less than two years or a teacher who has obtained such status in any other public school in the Commonwealth. The Superintendent will base his/her decisions on the results of evaluation procedures conducted according to School Committee policy. 
At the end of each of the first three years of a teacher's employment, it will be the responsibility of the Superintendent to notify each employee promptly in writing of the decision on reappointment. Notification to a teacher not being reappointed must be made by June 15 or at an earlier date if required by a collective bargaining agreement. 
A teacher who attains professional teacher status will have continuous employment (as described in M.G.L. 71:41 and 71:42B) in the service of the District. A teacher with professional teacher status whose position is abolished by a School Committee may be continued in the employ of the school system in another position for which he or she is legally qualified.
Nothing in these provisions will be considered as restricting the Superintendent from changing teaching assignments or altering or abolishing supervisory assignments except that, by law, no teacher may be assigned to a position for which he or she is not legally qualified. 

Adopted: 5/19/2021