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FFA Memorials for Deceased Students or Staff

File: FFA

The School Committee recognizes that the death of a student or member of the staff is deeply felt by the school community. As places designed primarily to support learning, however, school sites should not serve as permanent memorials for students or staff. 
  • Memorials in the form of scholarships, awards, school supplies and equipment, as well as funds designated for a particular school, department, or school activity are encouraged as an alternative to permanent memorials.
  • Any permanent memorial gift must be bound by the following guidelines: 
  • No picture will be attached to the memorial.
  • Information on the nameplate on the memorial shall be limited to "Donated by___________________in Memory of _______________________” and the date.
  • The memorial must serve a useful purpose for current students.
  • Shrubs, trees and plantings are discouraged on school grounds.
The proposed permanent memorial will be presented for approval by the School Committee. 
Any permanent memorials in existence before this policy was adopted can only be removed by a vote of the School Committee. 

Adopted: 3/16/2023