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FA Facilities Development Goals

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The School Committee believes that the educational program is influenced greatly by the environment in which it functions. The development of a quality educational program and of school facilities that help implement that program must go hand in hand. 
Therefore, it is the Committee’s goal to provide the facilities needed for the number and educational requirements of students in the school district and to provide the kind of facilities that will best support the educational program. To best use local resources, it is the Committee’s intent, wherever possible, to partner with the Massachusetts School Building Authority.  
Recognizing that school facilities are long-term community investments, the Committee will develop projects that reflect cost-effective designs, are reflective of Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) standards, are consistent with good engineering practice, and use high quality construction, with attention to current and future technological practices for students, faculty, and school staff. Sites will be chosen to meet the educational need, maximize the use of any available community resources, and minimize any possible adverse education, environmental, social, or economic impacts. 
Adopted: 3/16/2023