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DB-R Regional School District Budget-Apportionment of Expenses

File: DB-R 
The Regional District School Committee shall annually determine the amounts necessary to be raised, after deducting the amount of aid such district is to receive pursuant to Chapter 71 section sixteen D, to maintain and operate the District school or schools during the next fiscal year, and amounts required for payment of debt and interest incurred by the District which will be due in the said year, and shall apportion the amount so determined among the several municipalities in accordance with the terms of the agreement. 
The amounts so apportioned for each municipality shall be certified by the Regional School District treasurer to the treasurers of the several municipalities within thirty days from the date on which the annual budget is adopted by a two-thirds vote of the full School Committee, but no later than April thirtieth. 
The Regional School District treasurer shall include in the certification to each municipality a statement setting forth the amount which the District is to receive under said Chapter 71 section sixteen D for the ensuing fiscal year and the proportionate share of such aid for such municipality. 
In addition to amounts appropriated for long-term debt service, school lunches, adult education, student transportation, and tuition revenue, each municipality that belongs in the Regional School District shall annually appropriate for the support of the Regional School District, an amount equal to but, not less than the sum of the minimum required local contribution. 
Notwithstanding the provisions of the Regional School District agreement, each member municipality shall increase its contribution to the Regional District each year by the amount indicated in that district´s share of the municipalities´ minimum regional contribution in that fiscal year. The District shall appropriate the sum of the minimum regional contributions of its member districts as well as all state school aid received on behalf of member municipalities. The District may choose to spend additional amounts; such decision shall be made and such amounts charged to members according to the District´s required agreement. 
Except as required by General Law, each school district may determine how to allocate funds appropriated for the support of public schools without regard to the categories employed in calculating the foundation budget. 

Adopted: 1/5/2023