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CA Administration of the Organization

File:  CA 

It is the intent of the Committee that the District employs qualified personnel to administer the school system efficiently and to require the Superintendent to organize the administration in a manner that will make clear the functions of each position and the relationships among them. 
The Superintendent will establish clear lines of communication, both vertically and horizontally, and will form any staff councils or committees needed to provide for efficient conduct of District business. In order to engage in this process in an orderly and effective fashion, each individual and group will be given particular, clear-cut responsibilities. Channels of communication will be established so that the recommendations and decisions of each group can be heard and reviewed by the administrative officer concerned and, where appropriate, by the Superintendent and the Committee. 
The organization and administration of the District will balance responsibility with commensurate authority, subject to the reserved legal powers of the Committee. This means that a staff member, when assigned a responsibility or a position, will be given the authority to make the decisions necessary to perform the assigned tasks. 
For the District to operate effectively, each administrative officer will be responsible and accountable for making a plan of development for all staff assigned to their area of operation. 
Adopted: 5/19/2021