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BGB Policy Adoption

File:  BGB


Adoption of new policies or changing existing policies is solely the responsibility of the School Committee.  Policies will be adopted and/or amended only by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the School Committee when such action has been scheduled on the agenda or at a regular or special meeting. 
To permit time for study of all policies or amendments to policies and to provide an opportunity for interested parties to react, proposed policies or amendments will be presented as an agenda item to the School Committee according to the following procedures. 
  1. The Policy Working Group provides copies of the first draft of the proposed policy to the School Committee members for their review prior to the First Reading.
  2. The First Reading is held at a School Committee meeting. Time is allowed for consideration of the proposed policy or policies as recommended by the Policy Working Group, including a response from the Superintendent, discussion by the School Committee and directions for any redrafting or approval at a First Reading.
  3. If the proposed policy impacts teacher performance standards, a meeting with the collective bargaining representative is arranged in accordance with G.L. Chapter 71 § 38.
  4. If the proposed policy is revised, it is presented at a School Committee meeting for a Second Reading and is discussed and adopted or rejected. Amendments to the policy at the Second Reading will not require repetition of the sequence, unless the School Committee so directs.
  5. By majority vote, the School Committee may dispense with the above sequence to meet emergency conditions.
  6. After discussion, and any amendments, the School Committee takes a vote on the finalized policy.
  1. The formal adoption of a policy is recorded in the School Committee minutes. Each policy adopted supersedes any existing policies that may be in conflict with the new policy.
  2. Policies will be effective on the date set by the School Committee. This date will ensure that affected persons have an opportunity to become familiar with the requirements of the new policy prior to its implementation.
  3. Adopted policies are entered into the existing policy manual (both paper based and online).
  4. Copies of the policy are distributed to School Committee members, Administrators, Principals, Teacher Association Presidents, and put on the District website.

Adopted: 5/19/2021