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BDFA-E-1 School Improvement Plan

File: BDFA-E-1

The Principal, in conjunction with the school council, shall be responsible for preparing a written school improvement plan annually. This plan shall be written with the advice of the school council and submitted for approval to the Superintendent and review of the School Committee. The plan should be drafted with the following in mind: 
  1. The educational goals for the school consistent with the goals and standards, including student performance standards, as adopted by the Massachusetts Board of Education and by the School Committee.
  2. An assessment of the needs of the school in light of the proposed educational goals.
  3. The means to address student performance.
  4. Professional development for the school's professional staff.
  5. The enhancement of parent/guardian involvement in the life of the school, safety, and discipline.
  6. The development of means for meeting the diverse learning needs of every child.
  7. Any further subjects as the Principal, in consultation with the school council, shall consider appropriate, except that:
a.  The council shall have no authority over matters that are subject to Chapter 150E, the collective bargaining law, and
b.  The council may not expand the scope of its authority beyond that established in law or expressly granted by School Committee policy.

Adopted: 5/19/2021