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Capital Planning/Finance Subcommittee

Members 2023-2024

Jennifer Carr

Julia Campbell

Trenton Honda

Charge:  Capital - Advocate and execute a list of needs to meet the short term and long term capital needs and make recommendations to the School Committee.

HW TURF - Will be an advisory group to the School Committee and any decisions made by the working group & all recommendations will be submitted to the Capital Planning and Finance Subcommittee. The Subcommittee will bring all recommendations to the full School Committee for approval.

Finance - Review and improve the budget process to meet the strategic objectives of the School Committee in a transparent and collaborative manner. The group will make recommendations to the School Committee.

2023 - 2024 School Year Agendas Minutes and Notes

Archive of Agendas, Minutes and Notes

Agendas Minutes Notes
September 13, 2023 September 13, 2023  
October 18, 2023 October 18, 2023  
December 20, 2023 CANCELED n/a  
January 24, 2024 January 24, 2024  
March 11, 2024 March 11, 2024