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School Committee


Watch the School Committee Meetings Live on HWCAM:

- OR - 

Watch the meeting live on COMCAST 99 & VERIZON 35 Hamilton-Wenham's Educational Access programming channels. Channels 99 & 35 present school and school related programs as well as school events. Weekly programming highlights include coverage of School Committee and school sports.

If you would like to make a comment during the Citizen's Comments at the beginning of the meeting, please use the ZOOM link located on the agenda for the current meeting. Agendas can be found HERE.


Dana Allara, Chair 
Term: 2020-2023


Julia Campbell, Assistant Secretary 
Term: 2021-2024


Jennifer Carr, School Committee Member
Term: 2021-2024

  David Frenkel, School Committee Member
Term: 2022-2025

Amy Kunberger, Secretary
Term: 2022-2025


David Polito , School Committee Member
Term: 2022-2025


Anna Siedzik, Vice Chair 
Term: 2020-2023


Eric Tracy 

2022-2023 School Committee Liaisons

Buker Elementary -  Julia Campbell
Cutler Elementary - Anna Siedzik
Winthrop Elementary - Amy Kunberger 
MRMS/RHS - Jennifer Carr
Hamilton Board of Selectmen - Amy Kunberger
Hamilton Finance Committee - Dana Allara
Wenham Board of Selectmen - David Polito
Wenham Finance Committee - David Polito
Wellness Committee - Julia Campbell
SEPAC - Anna Siedzik
Athletic Facilities Improvement - Jennifer Carr
Hamilton Master Planning - Dana Allara
Wenham Master Planning - David Frenkel



Student in class raising his hand


Students will employ a systematic approach to collect, evaluate, analyze, and interpret information to identify creative solutions to complex problems. They will apply unbiased, evidence-based thinking that demonstrates a global perspective and consideration for the impact on others.