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School Committee


Dana Allara, Chair 
Term: 2020-2023


Julia Campbell, Assistant Secretary 
Term: 2021-2024


Jennifer Carr, School Committee Member
Term: 2021-2024

  David Frenkel, School Committee Member
Term: 2022-2025

Amy Kunberger, Secretary
Term: 2022-2025


David Polito , School Committee Member
Term: 2022-2025


Anna Siedzik, Vice Chair 
Term: 2020-2023


Eric Tracy 

2021-2022 School Committee Liaisons

Buker Elementary -  Julia Campbell
Cutler Elementary - Anna Siedzik
Winthrop Elementary - 
MRMS/RHS - Jennifer Carr
Wellness - 
SEPAC - Michelle Bailey and David Polito
Hamilton Finance Committee - Dana Allara
Hamilton Board of Selectmen - Dana Allara
Wenham Finance Committee - 
Wenham Board of Selectmen - 


Student in class raising his hand


Students will employ a systematic approach to collect, evaluate, analyze, and interpret information to identify creative solutions to complex problems. They will apply unbiased, evidence-based thinking that demonstrates a global perspective and consideration for the impact on others.