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HW Elementary School Project

March 27, 2024 Community Forum

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Photo of School sites
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As a result of a collaborative analysis with the Massachusetts Building Authority (MSBA) of enrollment projections and space capacity need for the HW Elementary School Building Project (Proposed Project), the HWRSD hereby acknowledges and agrees that the design of alternatives, which may be evaluated as a part of the feasibility study for the HW Elementary School Building Project will be based on the following: 

Cutler enrollment projections

(A)  Renovate or build a new Cutler School, serving grades K-5 - maintain the 3 elementary schools - and possibly re-apply with the MSBA for Winthrop School renovation in the future.

(B)  Renovate or build a new, consolidated school to replace Cutler and Winthrop elementary schools, serving grades K-5. Buker would still serve grades K-5. We would need to determine where PreK would be located.

(C)  Renovate or build a new Cutler School to serve grades 3-5, this WILL involve a school reconfiguration for grades PK-2 at Winthrop & K-2 at Buker and Cutler Schools. 

On 1/22/24 the HWElementary School Building Committee voted unanimously to remove the 430 student enrollment design options.The 430 student enrollment option is a combination of grades 3-5 from Cutler, Winthrop and Buker. The SBC noted that this enrollment option would create classroom space and logistical issues for grades PreK-2. With this passing motion, the district has narrowed down the design options from fifteen to eleven – continuing to study the student enrollment options of 285, 645 and 740. 

(D)  Renovate or build a new, consolidated school to replace Cutler and Winthrop elementary schools, all students in the district in grades 1-5 would attend, serving grades 1-5. PreK and K would be placed at the Buker School.




Cutler School

Cutler School Arial Photo

Cutler Elementary School is a 45,800 sf. masonry building constructed in 1951 with modular classroom additions in 1952 and 1956. In 1992, the Whittier Wing was added which houses kindergarten classrooms and a gymnasium. The school serves approximately 300 students in grades K-5. The majority of the facility and the majority of entrances and egresses are not accessible to
non ambulatory occupants. More information is linked HERE.

Winthrop School

Arial view of Winthrop School

Winthrop Elementary School is a one-story school that was originally constructed in 1958-1959 with a classroom wing addition that was built in 1965-66. The 1965 classroom wing addition has the same exterior building materials and design of the original building, but for what appear to be budgetary reasons, took a different approach to several elements: the interior design of the corridor walls is different (although the same design of cubbies was used), the ventilation system is different, there are no skylights, and it was built with separate boiler room. There was a library/media center addition in the back of the school in 1989. More information is linked HERE.

"We sit on the precipice of some wonderful upgrades and improvements for our school system that ultimately upgrade and update our communities. The success of these projects will need all of us to come together to decide if we are, or are not ready and willing to fund these projects on behalf of our children."
- Eric Tracy, Superintendent